Our experienced technology architects and engineers can efficiently restructure your IT department by handling the day-to-day troubleshooting and tuning of your managed IT environments.

Our Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-defined managed IT services methodology is proven to simplify server administration while ensuring they’re running smoothly and quickly.

Our services include both hardware and software:
  • Hardware and Software installation and setup
  • Configuration Management
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Incident Management
  • Release, Maintenance and Deployment Management
  • Access Management

Advanced Monitoring

Cogeco Peer 1 Monitoring is a powerful monitoring and reporting platform. It provides the unified solution of monitoring all your managed IT servers, devices and applications with a single pane of glass for all graphs, reports and alerts on your server infrastructure.


Our expert technicians manage physical and virtual servers, security infrastructure, storage hardware and backup environments. Entrust us with the heavy lifting of day-to-day maintenance of your business IT.


For Cogeco Peer 1 customers, dedicated help is just a call click away. Plus, our Customer knowledge base and portals offer a number of self-service support options. Manage your account, access support, manage your infrastructure and much more.

If you are interested in contracting Managed IT services/solutions (ITSM) for your server and/or storage hardware, but need additional content, application or data management capacity, visit our Hybrid IT Services page. Go To Hybrid IT

Server Monitoring as a Service

Cogeco Peer 1 Server Monitoring as a Service is a powerful monitoring and reporting platform that provides a unified solution to monitor all your managed IT servers, devices and applications through a "single pane of glass" for all graphs, reports and alerts on your server infrastructure.
Our Server Monitoring service is highly redundant, with strategically placed redundant collector clusters in Cogeco Peer 1 data centers. This ensures that no single point of failure can present itself on the monitoring platform.

For further details about Service Monitoring as a Service, please download our service overview document.

Monitoring as a Service:
  • Is agentless
  • Doesn’t require any special hardware or software
  • Auto-configuration of basic monitoring on all devices
  • Supports several Windows and Linux server operating systems
  • Is offered in Basic or Standard service tiers, with options for a self-service monitoring portal, a mobile application e-mail alert, and several additional enhanced services for standard subscribers.


Beyond server hardware, Cogeco Peer 1 offers dedicated monitoring for:
  • Web server applications
  • Database server software
  • Cloud email systems such as Office 365 and Google Apps
  • Network Devices
  • Hypervisors

Optimized Ecommerce Platforms

Making your first foray into online B2B or B2C sales? Or just upgrading from another one of the ecommerce platforms out there? Cogeco Peer 1’s high-performance optimized Linux ecommerce platforms, which have been tuned for Magento, Broadleaf, WooCommerce, Hybris & Oracle carts, is the platform you need to evolve your operations.

With purpose-built environments, pre-installed applications and database software, you can build your storefront while skipping the complex installation and testing stages.

With the help of our resourceful technology experts, many retailers and development consulting partners have developed their ecommerce web presence through our PCI DSS compliant data centers. Key benefits of trusting Cogeco Peer 1 with managing your ecommerce solutions hosting include:

    • Get online faster. Save the need for costly technical resources to tune and optimize your platforms, while getting your store online and selling faster.
    • Less headaches. The pains of managing the hosting infrastructure are moved from the retailer and development partner to our experienced IT teams instead.
    • Quicker and stronger. Your high-level operating ecommerce website is delivered on a reference architecture, optimized for the Magento application.

By working with our experienced Magento experts, combined with our 24/7 FirstCall Promise™ support and reliable FastFiber Network®, you’ll improve your online store’s customer experience while meeting PCI compliance requirements.

Managed Database Hosting

Web applications demand innovative, scalable storage infrastructure. Striking a balance between performance, stability and affordability establishes a roadmap for your business’s long-term storage future. Cogeco Peer 1 offers managed, configurable, shared and dedicated storage options, as well as direct attached storage servers and network attached storage servers.

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Hybrid IT
  • Maintain applications, data, and workloads from your premises, a public cloud, or a private cloud
  • Deploy other applications, data, and workloads to public or private clouds.
  • Maintain multiple development, integration and production environments, as well as backup, site recovery, and disaster recovery solutions.

If you are interested in contracting Cloud computing services for your server and/or storage hardware, but need additional content, application or data management capacity, visit our Hybrid IT Services page.

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Network Management

Servers and storage hardware are important elements of Cogeco Peer 1’s managed IT services (ITSM) portfolio. Yet there are other critical network elements, which need to be monitored and remediated on regular basis:

  • Routers and Switches
  • Network Security Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

Like our managed server hosting and managed cloud services, our network management services are backed by our comprehensive Service Level Agreement. This ensures that your gear consistently meets our high standards (and yours) for uptime and peak performance.

The FirstCall Promise™

Our FirstCall Promise™ means you make just one call to our support team, and we’ll start working on your issue immediately.
  • Make a single call to support.
  • Our support team will try to assist on the phone
  • If there’s a problem with your infrastructure, our team of Level II and Level III system administrators will get to work to make it right – as soon as possible.